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Back for seconds

Posted by on 29 January, 2014

So my alarm goes off again at 4:20am and I got out of bed and voluntarily went out to the gym. It was raining a little but it didn’t worry me as the gym is indoors…or so I thought…not today apparently!!!

Just because she can…the trainer advises us that we are going to the park today…not just for a run to warm up..but for our whole session. We had to carry our equipment with us and then once there we had to run up and down slippery slopes; do push ups on the wet grass; lift a heavy metal bar above our head and lunge across the field with a damp sand bag on our shoulders (amongst other things)…repeatedly!

These would previously have all fallen into the category of ‘don’t do that, it’s dangerous’ … however today I did as I was told, nothing bad happened and I felt fantastic afterward!

No, I’m not lying or even exaggerating…yes, I felt exhausted but the overwhelming feeling was exhilaration that I had accomplished the set task and enjoyed being outside in the cool, fresh morning air more than I ever would have thought possible!

Will I go back tomorrow?

One Response to Back for seconds

  1. magpett

    Good on you for going back even with your sore heel, it will all be worth it when you are in Cambodia.
    I don’t see any thing in the blog about the girls starting grade 11 & 8???

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