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Who threw the first punch…

Posted by on 30 January, 2014

I don’t think I have ever thrown a real punch before…but today, not only did I learn how to but I also learned that I am quite good at it and really like doing it.

Now let me explain that I was wearing my brand new, very protective boxing gloves…so there was almost no chance that I could hurt my hand or break a nail….and even more importantly the person I was throwing punches at was holding focus pads up…and I didn’t miss at all!


I’ve never been a fan of boxing as a sport. I don’t enjoy seeing people get beaten up. But the act of punching as a physical activity for fitness purposes is exhilarating, I get tired but don’t want to stop…I love the feeling when a hard right cross connects right in the middle of the pad with a solid resistance.

Learning to use my hips to gain strength from momentum is a little awkward but even in the short time I feel that I was starting to get the hang of it…

I guess the name of the gym ‘Fighting Fit’ gives it away…but clearly boxing is going to feature regularly in these bootcamp sessions and that makes me even more keen to come back tomorrow!

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