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Run run as fast as you can

Posted by on 31 January, 2014

In my mind…the idea of Friday Fun doesn’t include a Friday Run…but apparently our bootcamp trainer thinks differently.

Our session this morning involved a run around the park…sounds okay…except that means about 5 kilometers with the first half all up hill…and to top it off, at each corner we had to do 10 push ups and 10 squats.

I knew it would be tough, given that ‘a runner I am not’ but the trainer’s confidence in me helped a lot and the instruction to ‘just keep moving…even walking is okay…just don’t stop’.

Well…what do you know…I made it all the way around the park, up to the college and down the hill…much further than I imagined I could. The designated route included an extra stretch around the block at the bottom of the hill to come back up to the gym…

Unfortunately the pins and needles that had started in my toes had spread through my foot and up into my calf…so I took a slightly more direct route back and came in from the side rather than the bottom…but overall I was really pretty proud of myself and I now know that I can make it around the park and will be sure to get around the block next time too!

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