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No Sofa, So Far

Posted by on 8 February, 2014

There comes a time, when you just feel that the time is right to make a change.

For me, it was about two and a half years ago that I thought it was time for a new sofa (lounge, recliner, couch, armchair or whatever else you might like to call the piece of furniture that you can plant yourself on for long periods of time when it is cold and wet outside or you just really cannot be bothered to do anything at all).

Now, I will clarify that we didn’t buy a new sofa back when I thought it was time…so I have been living with the one we have had since then…I think it actually helps me to watch less tv! There isn’t actually anything wrong with it at all…it just doesn’t suit me.

My previous lounge suite contained two single recliners and a three seater (of which two seats reclined). It was blue suede which was soft to touch and comfy enough to nod off on quite easily! It wasn’t very expensive, which was good as it was bought when Courtney was a toddler and Amanda was on the way…it also had to suffer two kittens for a while as well.

When David arrived a decision had to be made…there was only room for one…so the blue suede suite went in the garage sale and quickly found a new home….

For David though, it seems the time is growing near…today he suggested that we start to look at new lounge suites…so we trotted off to the big furniture store nearby and plonked ourselves down on seat after seat for an hour or so.

Some were wonderful, as soon as you sat it felt right…though others…well let’s just say that whoever designed them must have a different idea of comfort than I do…or maybe they aren’t meant to be sat on and are only designed to look comfortable…

Knowing it is going to be a purchase that we will live to regret if we get it wrong, today was purely a recon mission and no purchase was made…though it was interesting that we both thought that a nice bright colour was needed (the current sofa is very neutral)…and this one was high on the ‘potentially something maybe kind of like this’ list…


Though the $8,000 curved cinema seat one was also up there too…but we both like travelling too much to waste that kind of money on a chair!

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