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Posted by on 15 February, 2014

It is generally a good start to the day when you:
* wake up
* are on holidays
* are near the beach and the sun is shining
* not too late to go to the Pandanus Cafe for breakfast

As we arrived a group of Harley Davidson riders were just leaving…it’s a bit sad that a group of guys that like riding motorcycles on the weekend have to meet in NSW for breakfast…


In a bid to continue to keep active even while away, we took s walk from Cabarita Beach up to Norries Headland and back. There are no whales passing by at this time of year, though I still couldn’t help looking…


It was really quite a warm day, so it was very pleasant to go for a swim to cool down when we got back. It was interesting just how peaceful it was to go swimming with no kids around…

After all that activity it was time for a rest before taking a drive down to Potts from lunch of sushi and icecream…and of course our standard practice of checking what properties are for sale…we will buy one one day, so it’s good to know what is around and keep the dream alive!


To make a fitting end to an enjoyable day, we went to see the Australian Outback Spectacular. We had bought  Mum and Dad tickets for Christmas and also bought some for ourselves as well. Mum and Dad came down to the coast in the afternoon and we travelled up to Coomera together to see the show.

It was really quite interesting to see and the food was good…I don’t know if I would call it spectacular…but I am glad I have been to see it for myself now!


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