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Proud of me

Posted by on 21 February, 2014

On my birthday in January I made a commitment to myself to make a change….to get fit!

Almost four weeks ago I faced the reality of that commitment by attending the first day of bootcamp. I was both excited and frightened…that I wouldn’t be able to see it through and that I would be physically ill…

Well…it is now today…the last day of bootcamp and I am filled with mixed emotions again…I am thrilled that I went along to every session, five days a week for four weeks…I never threw up…and I worked hard at keeping up without overdoing it to the point of injuring myself…and I have never been more proud of myself!

I’m also a bit sad…that it has come to an end….and worried about how to keep myself motivated and active….though when I mentioned that to my trainer she had a solution for me…sign up again for the next round…so I have!

Starting next week, I join ‘Overhaul Bootcamp’ which is on 3 mornings a week. It will give me a chance to see what I can do for myself on the off days and give me the guaranteed commitment to keep being active.

The new sessions sound a bit daunting with a test at the beginning to see where I am at now…then each session could be somewhere new like at a different park or in the bush…and then another test at the end to see how much I have improved.

Anyway, that is next week…for today i am going to enjoy my accomplishment and savour the fact that I have the weekend to rest!

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