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Clean Up

Posted by on 25 February, 2014

What a day it has been…

First up was the new Overhaul Bootcamp…the first session which saw us tested…how many push ups (on your toes not your knees) can you do without dropping in 2 minutes? Well…I honestly didn’t think it would be any…I haven’t done a proper push up yet as I’ve been doing them on my knees…but with some very encouraging teammates and a desire to prove to myself that I can do more than I think…I did 9 in a row!!!!

That wasn’t all though…after a run around the block (without stopping or walking)…it was time for test number two…sit ups…this time we had to keep up with a recording that counted them for you, which seemed much faster when it was your turn than when you were watching the others. Anyway, once again my expectations weren’t high as I was yet to achieve a full sit up where my wrists touched my knees…though to help me out I was allowed to have someone stand on my feet…it is actually amazing how much that helps. The goal was to reach 100…I was aiming for 10…I achieved 25!

After that it was time for a quick shower then off to the park to set up for a bbq breakfast. As part of my efforts to get our workplace involved in activities that benegit the community, I had signed us up for the business Clean Up Australia Day 2014…and today was the day.


To encourage participation I offered to cook bacon and egg burgers for breakfast which seemed to work as we had 20 out of 25 people sign up. After eating, they grabbed bags and donned gloves and set off in two teams to pick up rubbish around East Creek Park and the streets near the office.


I could never have guessed just how many cigarette butts there were on the ground. It was actually really quite disgusting and disturbing.


Perhaps it was this that produced a flow on effect…but this afternoon when I was watching Amanda at hockey training, I couldn’t help but get very irritated by the dozen or so people sitting outside in what should have been very pleasant surroundings…smoking. Surely it should be against the law for people to smoke so close to: sporting fields; access to toilets; where people are eating and where children are waiting for their turn to play or be picked up after playing/training.

I am outraged and hope that it last long enough for me to make the time to sit down and write to the council; hockey association; club glenvale and the cancer council….something has to be done….though as my Facebook post at the time suggested, it would be preferred that the guilty parties involved just quit smoking and saved their health and money which in turn would help everyone and the environment.

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