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Baking up a storm

Posted by on 2 March, 2014

I know I would have mentioned it once or twice before…but I will say it again…I like baking! Cakes, brownies, muffins, biscuits, cupcakes….basically anything sweet and not very good for you!

The problem with having a love of baking is that you do really need to eat your creations or else they will be wasted. Sometimes I have to take them to work to share for morning tea, just to avoid eating them ourselves.

This weekend though I have been able to spend two whole days baking with no concern about eating any myself! Guilt free baking!!

And when I say two days I mean it…from 9-4 Saturday and from 9-2 Sunday I had the pleasure of catching up with some friends that I don’t manage to see very often anymore and talk and cook…uninterrupted…

So, why were we baking you may ask…for The Glennie School Fair which is on Sunday 9th March from 10-2.

And, what did I bake…
25 trays brownies
17 trays of anzac biscuits and
10 butter cakes

It is funny how you can spend hours happily baking but then spend almost the same amount of time again packaging and labelling everything…usually we have a couple of girls around to do that part, but this year they were all busy and not able to help out.


Speaking of girls who have helped in the past but couldn’t be there today…my eldest daughter, Courtney was one of them…however it was lovely to see her when I got home. She came over for the afternoon/evening to spend some time with us and celebrate her birthday ‘Sweet Sixteen’…so I had yet another cake to bake!

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