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30 in 30

Posted by on 3 March, 2014

Last week I was disappointed with myself that I didn’t get up on Monday and Wednesday mornings to do some exercise…these being the ‘off’ days from bootcamp. So much so that I set a wake up alarm for these mornings with a strongly worded message to myself…

Well…today is Monday…the alarm went off…I rolled over to hit the snooze and saw the message…and got up!

I had prepared the night before by laying out my swimmers; packing my work clothes and putting them in the car and preparing my breakfast and lunch ready to grab from the fridge.

So, at 5:15am I was in the car and on the way to the pool. It really does feel good to get up early!

I arrived at the aquatic centre just as they were opening and got straight into the water. Lots of others arrived soon after and the pool was pretty full, though I had a lane to myself the whole time.

I used the lap clock to keep me moving along and managed to do 30 laps in 30 minutes….much better than my last swimming session where I only did about 10 in the same time. It just goes to show how much my fitness has improved in the last few months!

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