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No Pain…No ?

Posted by on 5 March, 2014

For a few weeks now I have had a sore foot…mainly in and around my heel. I went to the doctor last week and she advised that I am suffering from a condition known as plantar facsitis (not sure of the spelling) and referred me to a specialist.

Today was my appointment, though when I had called to book the receptionist advised that they have a physiotherapist who sees patients with this condition on a regular basis. So I saw the physio instead.

He concurred that the doctors diagnosis was correct and then explained to me what is happening that causes the pain; why it happens and what I can do to relieve the symptoms and work towards repair and recovery followed by ongoing prevention of a recurrence.

So now my foot is taped up to help it recover…I have some exercises to do to help stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons…and I need to rest…

That is where my dilemma begins, having just signed up for a new round of boot camp I have some decisions to make. After working so hard lately and seeing only minor physical results so far I am reluctant to stop as I know for sure what the outcome would be…

Instead I have decided to buy myself some new shoes…that are very supportive….and work with my trainer to come up with alternative ways to participate within my altered capability.
So, $200 later I have shiny new shoes that will help keep my foot from flexing in the middle…they sure feel different from my old sneakers that were quite soft. I can also notice the difference in the level of support….I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon!

To end the day we went to see Courtney at work and have an ice cream…I had salted caramel and white chocolate…I know I shouldn’t have but I felt like a treat.

This was also a chance to give Courtney her birthday present…I had decided to let her pick between the two items I thought she might like, so that she would be sure to get something she would like and use…she opted for a record player!

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