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Greener Grass

Posted by on 14 April, 2014

I started in my new job just over a week ago and am pleased to report that I am enjoying it about as much as I expected. Working in general isn’t appealing on some days, but doing something you enjoy doing sure makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Today I got to do what I have been looking forward to doing…getting out of the office…getting my hands and feet dirty…getting in touch with people in my broader community…getting some fresh air and fresh perspective…


The grass may not be green yet everywhere, but the recent rain is helping…


though from my current view I am confident that I have moved to the greener side of the fence…yes, there are a few weeds to tend to…but I’m sharpening my tools day by day, it is taking a few extra hours each day, but I know that won’t be for long…I’ll soon have them in tip top condition!


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