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Leavin’ on an Airbus

Posted by on 8 April, 2015

Travelling in Asia by air is often referred to as just like going by bus…and it really is. Cheap, easy and available to go wherever you want almost everyday.

As it happens, I am sitting here at Gate P8 of KLIA2 waiting to board the bus…the Airbus…back to Australia. We’ve had 3 weeks in Southeast Asia and seen, smelt and tasted lots of new and exciting things, as well as some that are just the same as at home, or anywhere else in the world.

They say the world is getting smaller and I have to agree. In a little over 8 hours we will be on the ground in Australia and the thought will not be ‘wow, that was a once in a lifetime trip overseas’…my mind is already strategising where are we going to visit next…maybe Myanmar, Laos or Sumatra…though the Philippines looks cool and then there is the multiple appeals of Japan…

I guess it is a good thing I have a job to go back to…


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