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False starts

Posted by on 2 January, 2016

Sometimes things do not go to plan, we try…but something happens that prevents us from being immediately successful. Yesterday was the first day of 2016. I had intended to write a blog post here (instead of Facebook)…however as you can see, that didn’t happen.

The reasons why are many, all linked together in a way that could take me a whole year to explain fully, yet in essence it was because I initially couldn’t log in on my phone…simple user cs technology issue.

Anyway, I have managed to get it working today, so here we are…

My challenge to myself for this year, is to pause for a moment each day and consider where I am (physically), why I am there and what I am doing…take a photo of my left foot…and by the end of the day write a short post to explain that moment.

So…this is the moment from Day 1 of 366 (yes, 2016 is a leap year).


Where: Lake Cobby, about half an hour north of Toowoomba, Qld

Why: Maintaining balance in my life by spending time with my family, outdoors.

What: Watching Courtney, Amanda, Daniel and Mitchell playing in the boats, talking to Mum and David; colouring in in my new Mindfulness Colour In Diary; soaking in some vitamin D and breathing fresh air!


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