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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Just do it

Where: The footpath at the corner of West and Alderley Streets in Toowoomba Why: 2 years ago I made a commitment to myself to get fit and healthy. I have been pretty good most of the time, but have let things slip a bit…so this is me renewing that commitment. What: Running (or at least … Continue reading »

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40 plus 1

Where: Sizzler Restaurant in Toowoomba Why: To celebrate my birthday, with Mum & Dad, Courtney & Amanda, David, Daniel & Mitchell. What: About to go and get my first plate of food, which actually turned out to be a bowl instead…of pumpkin soup!

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These boots

Where: At home, sitting on side of my bed with my feet on the mat. Why: Even though it is the middle of summer, today was cool and wet…a good day for wearing my favourite RM Williams boots and jeans. What: Just home from a day of working followed by dinner out and seeing Star … Continue reading »

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Watching Wipeout

Where: At home in the living room Why: For the first time in over 2 weeks I am home in the evening before bedtime. What: Watching TV…I rarely watch tele, but when I need to stop thinking and just relax it can be handy. This show is guaranteed to make me laugh as well, which … Continue reading »

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A time to rest

Where: At home, in my room, on my bed. Why: It is the end of the day, I have spent the majority of the day on my feet and am glad to be able to come home to my safe, comfortable place and relax. What: Getting ready for bed…teeth brushed, face washed, been to the … Continue reading »

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False starts

Sometimes things do not go to plan, we try…but something happens that prevents us from being immediately successful. Yesterday was the first day of 2016. I had intended to write a blog post here (instead of Facebook)…however as you can see, that didn’t happen. The reasons why are many, all linked together in a way … Continue reading »

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