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Author Archives: Amanda

On Our Way Home in KL

Today we went to the buffet breakfast at our hotel in Kuala Lumpur then went swimming at the massive pool. After that we had lunch in the restaurant which was for me beef skewers. We then went up to the room to relax and watch T.V. Now we are in the restaurant and have just … Continue reading »

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Kicking Off at Montreux

Bonjour Yesterday we went to the park in Montreux  to watch Court play trombone in big band. They were fantastic and they had 4 vocalists. They were Emma , Tayla , Eliza and Allister. After that we went for a walk around the stalls and I got a hat and 3 necklaces for myself and … Continue reading »

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Europe, We Are Here!

Hi everyone! It seems like everywhere we go it’s like we’re in the movies because it’s so surreal. Right now we are staying at a b&b house in Lausanne. Courtney Joined the Tour group a few days ago and now it;s just the 3 of us. Yesterday we went out of Germany and into switzerland. … Continue reading »

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This year I am going to set myself five goals, Academic, musical, sport, social and Personal: Academic, To achieve an award at speech day 2012 Music, To get a lead role in this years musical Sport, To get into at least 2 Andrews Cup Teams Social, To make good friends with a new girl Personal, … Continue reading »

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Destination: Home

On the 14th of December Dave, Mum, Court and I started our 3 day journey to Goolwa which is about 2hrs South of Adelaide. On the first few days it was constant stopping to take photo’s of stuff (because we haven’t driven to Adelaide before) and arrived at ‘Marine Cove Resort’ at about 2pm to … Continue reading »

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clean, clean, clean!!

Today Court and I have completed a list of jobs of which we had to do. They were kitchen laundry sweep and mop pack for tomorrow and  do this post We finished it all in good time.

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Lights, Dads and Swims

On Saturday night my sister (Courtney), my grandma (Grace) and myself went to see the lights in the park.We’ve been nearly every year for as long as i can remember but the floods had ruined some of the lights so there were plenty of new ones to enjoy. Yesterday we wen’t to our dad’s (Steve) … Continue reading »

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day 3, Monday

Today was quite peaceful until another dog and his owner were on the same route as us but in the other direction (so twice the trouble) so we had 2 dog fights on our journey. the morning (other than the dog fight) was very peaceful with lots of friendly people on the way.  

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Walking is getting popular

Hello World Today is our second day of walking and it was great! Our friendly neighbors (The Ritter’s and their dog Biscuit) came with us (The Taylor’s and our dog Bella) went for a walk down to West creek, Kearney Springs and back. The Ritter’s dog ‘Bickie’ walked with Court while our dog ‘Bella’ walked … Continue reading »

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