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At home

How we built a vege garden in 10 steps

Having lived in this home that I built…or rather had built…for 9 years now, it has come as quite a surprise to me that an entire vegetable garden can be constructed in a single weekend. Two weeks ago, I mentioned to Dave that I have always considered having a vegetable garden in the narrow back … Continue reading »

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One week and one day…

Time will never stand still, nor do we want it to. With so much to see and do in our brief lives we want things to be new and exciting…but sometimes, it seems to rush by at a faster than desired pace. In one week and one day, we depart on our holiday. I won’t … Continue reading »

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Where to focus?

For the last twelve months we have been preparing for our trip to Europe. We have also done lots of other things too, some of which we have managed to post on here and others that just slide by. Now, we are one month from departure and it seems like that is all I am … Continue reading »

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Where does the day go?

I know that science tells us that every minute has sixty seconds and that every hour has sixty minutes and that every day has 24 hours and that every week has seven days…but some days I think that perhaps time is just a theory and that there really is less minutes in a particular day. … Continue reading »

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When I was young, I played a lot of sport and even worked at an Indoor Sports Centre. I would be there most days, either playing, working or socialising. I loved it, it was almost like a second home and the friends I had meant the world to me. Then one day, it all stopped. … Continue reading »

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April fool???

Today is April first, commonly known as April fool’s day. As I have not yet got out of bed, I am feeling quite safe, however I know that at least one member of my immediate family quite enjoys playing tricks and I am sure that I will need to be on my guard this morning! … Continue reading »

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omg….85 days

Well, they say time flies when you are having fun…by the look of my activity on this site I must have been having sooo much fun that I couldn’t stop for a minute. In only 85 days from now, we are flying to Europe…or more accurately, we are flying to Malaysia….after that, we HOPE we … Continue reading »

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Back in the groove of things…

We have been back in Toowoomba now for 10 days. It’s taking all 10 of those days for us to find our groove again too. Holidays can really throw you out of sync with a rhythm. Before the holidays we were walking regularly, during the holidays…not so much,,, now we are back it is taking … Continue reading »

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clean, clean, clean!!

Today Court and I have completed a list of jobs of which we had to do. They were kitchen laundry sweep and mop pack for tomorrow and  do this post We finished it all in good time.

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It’s Raining Cats and Icing Sugar

It’s pretty much been raining all day and Toowoomba has been sitting in the clouds. If it hasn’t been raining it’s been drizzling and if it hasn’t been drizzling it’s been spitting and if it’s not spitting then it’s raining. I love the feeling of being in the clouds, It’s the way they move through … Continue reading »

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