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Europe Trip

1 Minute Passersby

I have added a new page to dacj365 where I will from time to time to add little 1 minute video themed on a fixed scene and the people passing by hence the name 1 minute passersby. I came up with the idea whilst sitting on some steps beside the Notre Dame Cathedral in the … Continue reading »

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Beating jetlag

Woohoo…I don’t think I have ever been so happy to wake up at 3:45am before!!!

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On Our Way Home in KL

Today we went to the buffet breakfast at our hotel in Kuala Lumpur then went swimming at the massive pool. After that we had lunch in the restaurant which was for me beef skewers. We then went up to the room to relax and watch T.V. Now we are in the restaurant and have just … Continue reading »

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Sunset Kuala Lumpur city style

We got in to KL around 6.30am after good flight, well fed and watered. Managed to watch two & a half movies including Hunger Games and a cool movie about Ice Hockey called Goon. I also got about half way through Fly fishing in Yemen, I will have to rent that one at home so … Continue reading »

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Ten things I hate about Paris

Paris…the city of love!..??? Not for me…I can see how many people think that, and sure, there were some things there that I really enjoyed…but when I weigh it up, in the few days we had there…I really didn’t think it was that great…now, before those who do claim undying love for the famous city … Continue reading »

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Watch “Eiffel tower, Paris, lighting up.” on YouTube

Whilst in Paris we visited the Eiffel tower in the evening. There were thousands of people about with many picnicking on the grass in the park beside the Tower. No deck or folding chairs to be seen, just rugs and towels. Cheese and wine as far as the eye could see.

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Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley

They had some very well set up rooms for us to look through. A chateau with a long history.

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I have had children of my own now for a little over 14 years…and I was a child myself for at least that many years too…so you would think that after that much time, I would be better at understanding of what a child ‘sees’…but alas no, it still surprises me constantly that we can … Continue reading »

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Every cloud has a silver lining…

But it is bloody hard to see it at night, in the dark, when you have had a long day and are tired…though thankfully tonight I was fortunate that the moon was bright enough to let me see a glimmer! The cloud in this instance was our reserved hotel…in particular their automated check in machine… … Continue reading »

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Visiting Venice and Murano, Italy

The thing I like most about Venice was Murano.  Okay, so really Murano is a separate island to Venice altogether so what I have said is not entirely accurate. We did visit both places in the same day and I liked Murano the best. I have always like Art Glass and Murano is a glass … Continue reading »

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