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How we built a vege garden in 10 steps

Having lived in this home that I built…or rather had built…for 9 years now, it has come as quite a surprise to me that an entire vegetable garden can be constructed in a single weekend. Two weeks ago, I mentioned to Dave that I have always considered having a vegetable garden in the narrow back … Continue reading »

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Beating jetlag

Woohoo…I don’t think I have ever been so happy to wake up at 3:45am before!!!

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Ten things I hate about Paris

Paris…the city of love!..??? Not for me…I can see how many people think that, and sure, there were some things there that I really enjoyed…but when I weigh it up, in the few days we had there…I really didn’t think it was that great…now, before those who do claim undying love for the famous city … Continue reading »

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I have had children of my own now for a little over 14 years…and I was a child myself for at least that many years too…so you would think that after that much time, I would be better at understanding of what a child ‘sees’…but alas no, it still surprises me constantly that we can … Continue reading »

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Every cloud has a silver lining…

But it is bloody hard to see it at night, in the dark, when you have had a long day and are tired…though thankfully tonight I was fortunate that the moon was bright enough to let me see a glimmer! The cloud in this instance was our reserved hotel…in particular their automated check in machine… … Continue reading »

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Life in the burbs

No matter where you go when your are on vacation, there is always someone who calls that place home… This afternoon we have stopped walking around looking at all of the recommeded sights in Bratislava to take some time out to do the laundry. Now I know that many travellers will say “why? Just rinse … Continue reading »

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Bon Appetit in Bratislava

French, German, French, German, Slovak?!?!..we have travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia today, arriving in the early evening after a day of varied activities…but I will talk about most of them in another post…for now, I have but one thing on my mind! Food…glorious food! Anyone who knows me, knows I like to eat…and that I am … Continue reading »

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Kitzsteinhorn, on top of the world with snow in summer

Whilst we were at the Gipfelwelt 3000… The Top of Salzburgs Kitzsteinhorn, about 100km south we had the chance to play in the snow fields that they usually have all summer. Here’s a short video I made and some pics. and some photo’s  

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Navigator v TomTom

I love maps! At school I loved Geography! As an adult I love to travel and explore the places on th map! The word travel is a verb, which I believe the dictionary would advise means something like ‘to move from one place to another’….but the act of travelling can be something much more…whether you … Continue reading »

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Kicking back in Montreux

Well after almost 2 years of thinking about going to the 46th Montreux Jazz Festival 2012….we are finally here! Court has performed in the Big Band on stage in Parc Vernex and they did a fantastic job…(Dave took some video which he will post up later). All the rehearsals and anticipation which lead to this … Continue reading »

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