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One week and one day…

Time will never stand still, nor do we want it to. With so much to see and do in our brief lives we want things to be new and exciting…but sometimes, it seems to rush by at a faster than desired pace. In one week and one day, we depart on our holiday. I won’t … Continue reading »

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A pond for Christmas

Courtney wants a pond for Christmas so I have been helping her out. She has done a load of work herself with just a little advice and assistance from myself. We purchased a liner from Bunnings and marked out a shape on the grass. The hole took Courtney 3 days to dig with her own … Continue reading »

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Watching grass grow – ‘Like’

A road trip involves spending a lot of time ‘on the road’ and whilst I don’t mind it at all, at times it can get a little bit bland. Our trip today started with us travelling through an area called the ‘Mallee’, which is primarily large expanses of low bushes, interspersed with the occasional small cluster … Continue reading »

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Day 2 on the road Gallery

Day two saw us transition from Dubbo to Tooleybuc. Tooleybuc is just on the NSW side of the Murray River. We had a good room at a great rate and a sound sleep. I have found my laptop to be troublesome this trip but I think it was due to it wanting to do a … Continue reading »

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Tablet versus Netbook or Small Notebook

We are currently investigating the idea of taking a Tablet to Europe instead of a small laptop. Android versus Windows, The new Asus Transformer Prime looks like a good thing. Feel free to add your comments on what you might think is better and any experiences you might have had travelling with tech. Todays activity … Continue reading »

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It’s Raining Cats and Icing Sugar

It’s pretty much been raining all day and Toowoomba has been sitting in the clouds. If it hasn’t been raining it’s been drizzling and if it hasn’t been drizzling it’s been spitting and if it’s not spitting then it’s raining. I love the feeling of being in the clouds, It’s the way they move through … Continue reading »

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Life is full of changes…some that we hope and dream about, others that come and go without noticing much and those that we really wish were not happening. On our walk this morning I noticed quite a few things that have changed…either quickly or over time… 1. The weather: the day before yesterday was hot, … Continue reading »

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Time to Reflect

Daily activity is not going to always be focused on physical motion. Today for example, we took time to stop and reflect on the year that has been. Awards Presentation Ceremonies (or Speech Day as it is more commonly known) is a time to recognise the accomplishments of some of the girls that go to … Continue reading »

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