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1 Minute Passersby

I have added a new page to dacj365 where I will from time to time to add little 1 minute video themed on a fixed scene and the people passing by hence the name 1 minute passersby. I came up with the idea whilst sitting on some steps beside the Notre Dame Cathedral in the … Continue reading »

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Ten things I hate about Paris

Paris…the city of love!..??? Not for me…I can see how many people think that, and sure, there were some things there that I really enjoyed…but when I weigh it up, in the few days we had there…I really didn’t think it was that great…now, before those who do claim undying love for the famous city … Continue reading »

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Watch “Eiffel tower, Paris, lighting up.” on YouTube

Whilst in Paris we visited the Eiffel tower in the evening. There were thousands of people about with many picnicking on the grass in the park beside the Tower. No deck or folding chairs to be seen, just rugs and towels. Cheese and wine as far as the eye could see.

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It’s a long way to Paris!

As much as I can look on a map and work out how far it is from one place to another and how long it should take, the actual act of getting there is still something that my mind cannot fully comprehend until I have done it. At the moment, I am sitting in seat … Continue reading »

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Let the magic begin!

I am not sure who is more excited, me or the girls…but we now are the very happy owners of Disneyland Paris tickets…yay!!! Even though it is over a month until we will actually get to the park, just having tickets is amazing. I love the fact that via the internet, you can book and … Continue reading »

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