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Duck hunting

Getting my 30 minutes of exercise each day isn’t already easy… just getting out of bed can be a mammoth task some days… but once I am up and going it is generally quite enjoyable. As I have recounted several times before I love the Japanese Gardens… and though I don’t really have a favourite … Continue reading »

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Wind…Water…Sun…elements that shape the world we live in. Today, we took a walk to Granite Island, off the coast of Victor Harbor. Crossing the causeway and following the path around the island, I stopped to look at (and photograph) many things (no, I didn’t do it just as a way of pacing my walk). The … Continue reading »

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The working week

It’s Monday and the working week begins again. We snuck a walk to the Japanese Gardens in this morning before taking the girls to their swim training. It was a fine morning, partly overcast so the sun shone through occasionally. I tried taking a few photos of the gardens from some different section than normal. … Continue reading »

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Friday is Ficus Day

Todays activities included walking this morning and taking Amanda to Touch Football this evening.  Courtney came along to Touch and she brought Bella the dog which gave Courtney some extra exercise. Both the girls had swimming this morning so they managed to get their daily activities in. Last night end of year piano concert was … Continue reading »

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Life is full of changes…some that we hope and dream about, others that come and go without noticing much and those that we really wish were not happening. On our walk this morning I noticed quite a few things that have changed…either quickly or over time… 1. The weather: the day before yesterday was hot, … Continue reading »

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The morning sounds stilled by the heavy air

I had to agree with Joy this morning when she noted that it was quiet. Sounds were deadend by the thick air. Very little traffic noise to be heard at all, only birds to remind us the world was still ok. The air was heavy with the expectation of rain, still, a little humid yet … Continue reading »

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Choo! Ah choo! Ah choo! Sniff

There’s something in the air? or maybe it’s actually a head cold. I have never been troubled by allergies before so I am thinking its a mild virus. Still, It hasn’t stopped me from walking or working so here’s todays pics. The clouds to the west, 06:15, 07:15 and 08:15 Todays walk was up to … Continue reading »

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Today is Tuesday

I have been looking for a quote or song lyrics that contain ‘Tuesday’ and regret to say that the only ones I can find are all a bit sad, or weird….what is it about Tuesday’s that makes people feel a bit melancholy. ..I am not sure…. This Tuesday morning though has thankfully seen me get … Continue reading »

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Picnic Point, Spring Bluff and Surrounds

Sundays activities were fun, the morning walk around Picnic Point was most enjoyable and it was very exciting to see the waterfall was running again after being switched off when the drought was at its worst.  The Gardens are looking great at the moment especially after the good soak we had a couple of days … Continue reading »

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Wet Thursday

Today is the last day of School this year for the Girls and it is pouring.  So as we have not got any wet weather gear yet we shall have to see if we can walk later today. I am going to try to post twice today as I didn’t write one yesterday. Yesterday we … Continue reading »

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